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Breath and Light

Are you ready to awaken to your inner light and radiate your true beauty? Journey with Miriam as she guides you–-breath by breath–-to a state of pure being. Discover the innate healing power of breath and meditation to transform all aspects of your life. Join us!


Meet Miriam Trahan

Curious about the power of breath to initiate a meditative state? Or how breath and meditation can help us heal? I’ve been exploring the frontiers of consciousness and working with energy fields since 1979.

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Changing Lives, Breath By Breath

Breathe in beauty with field and clouds in sky

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Recent Comments From Practitioners


I have been doing the Stillness meditation for the past 3 days.  This meditation is very magnetic at the core of this meditation.  The resonance, the brilliance that I feel while meditating encompasses my whole body, and the radiance shows up in a very powerful way.  Plus the tone of Miriam's voice is a perfect match that delivers a vey magnetic and complete message of stillness. 

Caroline T.

This meditation and breath practice was quite nourishing and I feel amazing having spent time doing this practice. Many thanks for this lovely work and for sharing your blessing.

Paula K-E.

Thank you so much for making this available, Miriam. It’s a point of calm in my week.

Jeanne B.

Once again, I have experienced the healing power of the breath. I had been experiencing pain in my shoulder and back.  I decided to do a healing breath practice and it definitely eased the pain in my physical body. Amazing!  Thank you for introducing me to breath practice.

Brett C.

Miriam's Meditations deeply resonate, including a recent offering where Miriam discussed the "warehouse of beliefs" we tend to keep. I felt such peace. Her wisdom spills over from one day to my next, and when I am asked by others to help. As I listen to more of her meditations, I'm becoming more aware of the time/space that Miriam is cultivating. I've meditated and studied meditation for over twenty years. There is a timelessness that some people who embody their path bring to their meditations--that create the environment for the whole world to suspend, to feel that anyone tuning-in is in a genuine place of no-time/no-space for the experience together. Miriam is being this quite consistently, creating no-time/no-space quite naturally, and with lingering resonance.

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“Without full awareness of breathing, there can be no development of meditative stability and understanding.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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