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Meet Miriam Trahan


Meet Miriam, Creator of Miriam's Meditations: Breath Practices and Light Nourishment

When I was a young adult, I realized my path would include explorations into spirituality and consciousness. This focus on consciousness led to an undergrad degree in Psychology in 1982. Marriage, motherhood, and divorce occupied the intervening years as I carried on with self-study. From 1995-2005 I was fortunate to study pranayama with an advanced breath master, Swami Santiananda, who taught PranaVayu Breath Practice. I attained Levels 1 and 2 with this study. I also earned a 200-hour yoga teaching certification in 2000. My current field of study since 2005 is Light Body, as taught by Duane Packer of Luminessence (

Miriam’s Meditations podcast began as a way to share online the breath and meditation classes that I had been teaching here on the island of Maui (until Covid brought us all home). Sharing the beauty and blessings of our magical home is an integral part of the meditation journeys.

Each episode has two parts: gentle breath explorations and pranayama exercises, plus a guided meditation.

Pranayama breath practice is a doorway to arrive in the meditative field with the least effort and greatest benefit. The support of the breath allows each participant to cleanse and clear the mind, emotions, and body of disruptive patterns and vibrational static.

These meditation journeys often take us on excursions around Maui, from our radiant beaches to the slopes of Haleakala. Here we develop new senses to perceive subtle energies, increase recognition of our own deepest knowing, and awaken and strengthen a sense of purpose. From this exquisite point of light and freedom, we radiate qualities of harmony, beauty, peace, and well-being to all humanity. It is this inner activism that informs the deeper purpose of our mediative practice. We are participating in a new imagining of the possibilities for our world.

Exploring these fields of inner being, consciousness, and subtle energies and then translating my experiences into ordinary reality is my way to share and expand what it means to be human in these amazing times. It is also my deepest offering of service to humanity and all of creation.

May you find peace with every breath.



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RWN #129: Spiritual Technologies with Miriam Trahan

Roscoe's Wetsuit Neuro Podcast with host Toby Pasman is an applied neuroscience podcast, which features unfiltered, raw conversations with biohackers, clinicians, and neuroscientists. Roscoe's Wetsuit gives remarkable individuals a platform to communicate their thoughts and ideas freely, and engage in deep, meaningful discussions with the host.

His guest, Miriam Trahan, has been exploring the frontiers of consciousness and working with energy fields since 1979. She is experienced at articulating spiritual technologies of breath and light and their power to uplift our changing world.


Miriam Trahan, Teacher of Meditation, Tells Her Story on Nobody Knows Your Story

Miriam Trahan grew up in Louisiana of Cajun French ancestry. She tells her story in today’s Nobody Knows Your Story episode. She tells of growing up in the primarily Catholic city of Lafayette with eight siblings and how this certainly influenced her in later years. She moved around quite a bit which she talks about, but just how did she end up living on the island of Maui? (You’ll need to listen in to find out.)

One of the things that intrigued me about Miriam was that she is really into meditation; I mean REALLY INTO MEDITATION. Years ago, I discovered a type of meditation through walking, and I wanted to see how my “mind clearing walks” stacked up against what Miriam teaches.

Aloha, Larry


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