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Beauty is an inherent quality of our reality, energetic nourishment essential to our thriving.
Beautycards, a heartfelt project by Miriam Trahan, offers a fresh, engaging way of opening to beauty in your everyday life. 

Eat deeply and be nourished.



How to Use Beautycards

Essential Suggestions

Asking a question is an excellent place to start with Beautycards. 

Which facet of beauty would nourish me most in this moment?

Hold the cards softly and choose one. Ask to be shown how this card can bring beauty into your life. Let the image and words inform your path for a day or a week. Be open to being gently nudged when it’s time to choose another card.

“What is the best ‘next question’ for me to ask?” 

Resist the urge to answer right away from the authority of the brain. Allowing the answer to arise from deeper layers of consciousness calls new patterns into being. Allowing spaciousness to surround and infuse our moments, beauty comes to us. We allow beauty to serve us, showing us a path that delights us, fills us with joy, brings us to the truth of our being.

How can I bring more beauty into the world, share beauty, inspire beauty?

By being of service to beauty, you complete the circuit of beauty—receive and give. A loop of energy is created that is self-perpetuating, elevating you to greater heights of well-being.

What’s the best thing that can happen?

This is one of my favorite ways to jump out of habitual thoughts into a new reality. Posing this new query to your beauty cards and to yourself brings you to a new starting place for ordinary magic. 

A Few More Ideas

  • Use the cards like a rune or an oracle—beauty can be a knowing presence that brings you to your deeper wisdom.

  • Place a chosen card on your desk, table or altar as a reminder of this facet of beauty.

  • To better understand a particular issue or challenge, choose a card to inform you about the past as it relates to this issue. Select an additional card to represent the present and one for the future. Allow the 3 cards to guide you to deeper knowing about the progression of this issue in your life.

  • Call forward a Beautycard as a blessing of support for someone you love. Or try selecting for someone with whom you are having difficulty, as an offering of silent peace.

  • Think of beauty as an energetic elixir, a clear, sweet liquid that flows throughout your being, cleansing and healing all your cells and systems. Select a card to bring beauty energy to your physical being, for a health challenge or for general nourishment. 

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