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Sounds That Heal

An Overview

The Sounds that Heal are a group of 6 sounds accompanied by arm gestures and mudras (hand gestures) and specific supporting breaths. They are the heart of a sadhana practice that originated with Kashmir Shaivism. You can successfully use the sounds that heal by making a sincere and committed effort to practice the sadhana regularly (daily) and have an open mind and heart.

The sounds themselves are vibrational resonance that clears the emotional body. They allow any old energy or patterns ready to be shifted to move out of your field.

Often this energy releases as flow, and old memories might be activated. The point isn’t to avoid this (or any) emotion but to become current in the emotional body. As old patterns clear, space is created. One becomes fluid in the emotional body, more responsive to the present moment.

After you’ve practiced the Sounds and supporting breaths for a time and something occurs that causes emotions to be activated, the reaction is rooted in the present moment. Old triggers fade and no longer cause chronic reactions to situations, people, and things.

If difficult memories surface, the breath is a supporting tool that can assist you in releasing the emotional charge. It might have to occur over and over on particularly painful memories or ones you have reinforced with your thinking patterns over time. The process usually becomes easier as the charge is released, as the old pattern no longer has the same power as before. Little by little, you come fully into the present moment.

In addition, the mental body will also need to clear. Writing a new story about the incident/s, which allows forgiveness of self and others, acceptance of the human condition, compassion for oneself and others, will plant the seeds for mental fluidity. When your mind is not attached to a particular way of viewing things, you are more readily able to see events and people as they are, without filters of old habits or cultural expectations. You become current in your thinking patterns, which ceases to set up old emotional reactions to events.

You step into the now, free from knee-jerk reactions, habitual patterns of mind, and outdated emotions. Your mental and emotional bodies come into resonance with your deepest, truest self. Harmonic resonance occurs between mind, heart, and spirit.

You are your own true Self (with a capital S). You move into the higher octaves of living.

Welcome Home.

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