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Season Three

Light Tools: Working on Things as Energy

A Syllabus


Here is a list of some tools we’ll explore and the ideas that tie into these skills. We’ve made a beginning on some of these, and we’ll expand and grow our abilities as we proceed through Season Three. This work is not sequential. It is rather like a crystal growing, adding layers, following flows.


“Be observant and be inventive.” ~Duane Packer


Intro to Light Skills: The setup of Inner Beingness

  • What’s in your toolbox now? Inventory: You know more than you think

  • Becoming flexible in your belief system

  • Creating a starting point of Inner Clarity

  • Your Higher Self and working with a Guide


The Light Tools

  • Finding Things as Energy: Scope and Scale

  • Imagination as a sense

  • Finding what’s ready to shift

  • Adding Frequencies

  • Allowing: Disconnecting from Outcome


Higher Light Tools

  • Following Flows

  • Fluidity in the Real/Stability in the flow of energies  

  • Choosing Frequencies to amplify

  • Adding your frequencies of LIGHT

  • Tapping into Mass Consciousness: Supporting Higher outcomes on a regional/global scale

Everyday Tools

  • Being a Light Carrier wherever you go

  • Sharing light with others

  • Love for the Stranger

  • Being Love in Action

  • Working with symbols

The Holy Trinity: A template for Higher Consciousness

  • Higher Mind

  • Holy Heart

  • Divine Will


In previous episodes, we’ve worked on clearing our belief systems of old ideas that no longer serve us. This is a theme we’ll return to from time to time. You can experience this in the Light of the Real/Working with Beliefs episode:


We’ve also made a beginning with working with our Guide. Listen to the Meet Your Guide episode.

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