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Spiritual Technologies

Discerning subtle energies, noticing patterns, and developing new senses in order to recognize and have experiences with these frequencies.

As a child growing up in a Catholic household I was in the acquaintance of many a saint. In fact, I consider this the legacy of that upbringing, an understanding of and acquaintanceship with beings whose existence is solely upon the inner planes. My adult understanding of the Catholic saints is that they hold a resonance with a particular quality or ideal for all of humankind, that we might aspire to make a connection with them as a way to align with and express tenderness, mercy, forgiveness, peace.

As an adult, I’ve been an explorer of the inner realms of consciousness for over 40 years. In recent years, my meditation practice has grown to be an essential part of my life. I’ve had thousands of hours of experiences with the energies of the inner world including with intelligence beyond our outer waking reality. I’ve amassed a skill set that helps me connect with and converse in the energy of Light with these non-ordinary realms. I’ve come to think of any skill or inner work that brings you to your deepest knowing and expands the range and scope of consciousness as Spiritual Technology.

Spiritual Technology, or Inner Technology, is a skill-based approach to discerning subtle energies, noticing patterns and developing new senses in order to recognize and have experiences of these frequencies. These frequencies do not just exist when you close your eyes but have a range and scope that includes your waking consciousness and our entire world. Some examples of Inner Technology are meditation, breath-work, time spent connecting to nature or communicating with animals. There’s also a range of new tech gadgets and apps to assist you in this inner exploration.

Our entire world is made up of frequencies. While we seem solid and occupy our own space, we are truly, on the subtle levels, a complex array of frequencies and patterns. Each organ in our bodies is its own set of patterns, brought about by deeper, vast consciousness. Each environment is a cooperation of patterns, each physical item is a combined set of frequencies that are tuned in such a way to be what we interpret as solidity.

We can view our world as a continuum, from the solid outer world to an inner world of subtle energies and experiences. When we start to view our world as this continuum where the outer flows readily to the vast inner world, we realize the validity of this inner world. A new vista emerges. This new vista allows us to recognize the interweaving of all these various patterns of each domain into free-flowing fields. These fields are complex, surely beyond the understanding of our normal consciousness. However when you dedicate yourself to an inner technology like meditation, you begin to have experiences beyond the ordinary mind. A higher array of consciousness comes into focus for you. As you have more and more of these experiences, you begin to realize you can source your being-ness from this level, rather than from the ordinary personality level. You level up, so to speak.

You begin to realize that you can perceive deeper frequencies and patterns that now become an integral part of your reality. Today during a walk in the upland forest of Maui, I experienced the rich bassoon of a fallen tree leaning upon a standing tree, singing into the trade winds. The tender grassy plants that occupy the forest floor showed me their circular energy patterns as they danced in the wind and I could perceive with my inner eyes intricate patterns of other plants, intermingling to form a rich tapestry of the forest community. I could recognize how groups of plants, animals and other beings could fold together to form higher and higher patterns, and how our ignorance of this interweaving has led us to disregard the inherent right of all beings to exist and coexist. And how this has led to the degradation of our natural world and to this pivotal moment of existential crisis.

The skills I’ve developed from my practice have had profound, lasting effects on my life, sometimes in quite surprising ways. That walk in the woods experiencing the patterns and essential life of the denizens of the forest was just the most recent example. My expanded, expansive consciousness takes me places I’d only dreamed of, walking with others whose pioneering spirit says, “Let’s see where our consciousness can take us.” It’s my unfolding knowing that these experiences of deepening who we think we are, who we are becoming, hold the seeds of solutions to the challenges we have before us. As we expand what we are capable of, sourced from our deepest consciousness, we become capable of following flows to the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. And as Ram Dass said, "We are all just walking each other Home."


Resources of Spiritual Technologies to Explore

I used meditation and breathwork to create this inner coherence that brings me to a peaceful, rich, expansive, creative field of living. There are a number of new technologies that can assist you in exploring these inner realms. Here are a few that might interest you:

Light Body Meditation Practice by Duane Packer

This has been my primary meditation practice for 16+ years. The Awakening Your Light Body courses offer a unique path of spiritual awakening through experiential, progressive expansions of consciousness that assist you in directly knowing and experiencing the truth of your being.

HeartMath Institute has named this new field of human expansion Coherence Technology. Their work focuses on our powerful heart field energy. They offer coursework and technology that you can use to create a coherent heart energy field for a range of benefits.

Muse is a lightweight headband that measures your brain waves and assists you in creating calm and inner balance by helping you recognize when your brain shifts into a calmer, deeper vibration.

Reading: The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, by Charles Eisenstein,

Meditation Apps that you might find interesting:

Best Overall: Calm.

Best Budget: Insight Timer.

Best for Sleep: Headspace: Meditation & Sleep.

Best for Beginners: Ten Percent Happier Meditation.

Best Guided: Buddhify.

Best For Focus: Unplug.

Best Selection: Simple Habit.


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