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The Infinite Parking Lot Theory

How we are using the world is creating a finite pressure that is unreal.

Think of a parking lot at a modern shopping center. People enter the parking lot in their cars, hoping for a convenient spot to leave the car in order to shop. The car isn’t necessary for the shopping, only for the arriving. There is a certain anxiety about whether there will be space for your car. Relief when the spot is available and you can leave the car and go into the shops.

So the resource of parking spaces seems limited from this vantage point. There are cars, there are spaces. What if there aren’t enough spaces to go around? What if I cannot leave my car to go into the shops? My trip and time will be wasted and I will feel frustration.

If we visit the shopping center late at night, we see the parking lot empty. Plenty of spaces. However the shops are closed so there is a mismatch of time and space for our errands.

How can we shift this perspective to one of ready abundance? Abundance of parking spaces in the middle of the night doesn’t help get our errands done. We need a space when we’re ready to shop.

So let’s back up. Let’s set up the energy differently so there is abundance when we need it, and by extension, abundance for all.

We start our morning with a meditation on abundance, opening to reality not as a set of objects and things, but non-fixed flows of beingness. (Even we are flows, rather than things). If all is in motion, then we would want to arrive in the flow at the perfect moment for our needs. This habit of mind can extend to all the expressions of our lives—perfect abundance is available when we need it, extending to all creatures/circumstances.

Now obviously our lives overlap with that of others. There may seem to be conflict over how the resources of the outer world gets used. But let’s stay with our simple example of the parking lot. What if in setting the energy for your day with a meditation on abundance, your expectation to receive the perfect parking space is created. You accept this as a given and move about your day with ease. When you arrive at the shops in perfect timing to park your car, the space is ready (you only need one). You park your car, you enter the shops, you do your errands.

Now as you leave the shops, you remove the car from the parking space in the exact perfect timing for the next person. Because this flow you have participated in doesn’t apply only to you. Your meditation included flow and abundance for all. In this way you are part of an elegant dance of energies. Our energies begin to weave together in such a way that all needs are met in right timing.

So what happens when this doesn’t work? You do your meditation, you start out happily expecting a spot and none appears? Did you do something wrong? No, you are fine. However you are a beginner. Momentum from your previous mind-set of shortage consciousness is still at play. Sometimes we are able to find these flows and other times we cannot. We practice with an open mind and open heart so we are able to more easily find the flows. We concentrate on others receiving all they need, taking the focus off ourself for a time. This expansive heart-nature creates the connections needed to once again be in the flow. For we are never alone. We are always in connection and in the dance with all of creation. When we concentrate solely upon our own needs and desires, we create a false separation with reality. We segment our flow out of the Great Flow. This false division creates a rock in the river, impeding the outworking of the highest order. As we incorporate the well-being of others, we integrate into the dance of Life. We find our place. And our parking space.

Sometimes we need to go away and try again later. But we try to do this without setting up aggravation or frustration over the perceived lack. Let the situation be as it is without getting caught up in shortage. Reset and go on. Try again later. Or maybe do your errands differently, but hold your energy smoothly.

This may seem trite to you, trivial even. Why bother with something so small and insignificant? Why are we not focusing on world peace? These two things are not opposed. World peace starts with inner peace. Inner peace starts with a gentling of the heart, an expectation of well-being and goodness for the self and for all beings. And it makes sense to practice on the smaller, less important aspects in the beginning. As you gain skill, you will naturally move on to larger arenas of action.

Obviously you don’t need to have a car for this to work. Any resource that seems to be finite can be shifted to this abundance template. It all starts with our setpoint. How we hold our energy and what we expect is of paramount importance.

Begin to see your interface with reality as an open set of energies. You insert your Self into the patterns at various points during your day whether you are moving about or working from the stillpoint of your inner reality. Or on a computer screen. Or alone with animals or plants.

Reality is infinitely fluid. It is not made up of things but processes. Find your place in the pattern. Hold a field of open expectation of good and needs met for all beings. Join the dance.


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